Stien Bekaert
13.04.2024 — 12.05.2024
Solo Exhibition

In ‘Soft fronts, splits parted’, Bekaert starts from a wide range of Internet images
─ unfiltered, from mundane banalities to politics. The manipulated elements serve as building blocks in a quest for connection, exposure and voyeurism. A core theme in this is the transformation of visual elements into intense emotions. This multimedia exhibition alternates coloured images with photographic fragments and places sculptural elements in open space.

14.08.2021 — 03.10.2021
Group Exhibition:

PASS 2021, 8 weekends of contemporary art, music, theater, literature and film : w Dirk Braeckman – Tine Guns – Kris Martin – Leyla Aydoslu – and over 60 more artists, in Mullem – Huise – Wannegem – Lede, BE.


Contribution Publication:

The Habit Of Knowledge Volume II, 2021, with contributions by Angyvir Padilla, Eble Ayrton, Bram Van Breda and me.
The Habit Of Knowledge aspires to investigate the function and form of knowledge within an artistic practice.
A limited edition of 25 publications presented in an A6 printed box. Visit website.


Contribution Magazine:

THE ARCHIVE HOTEL, an autonomous platform for artistic research dedicated to the artist’s archive, embracing homage & conflict. A slow-building process of knowledge, edition 4, 2020.
A limited edition magazine of 10 featuring Stien Bekaert, Angyvir Padilla, Bettie Boersma, e-c-h-e-l-o-n, Hans Demeulenaere, Joëlle Dubois, Levi Lanser, a.o. Visit website.


17.07.2020 - 30.08.2020
Group Exhibition:

Summer Salon 2020. Buy Local 2020. 587587 participants to discover Ghent’s thriving and diverse visual arts scene. Together with De Gentse Cultuurzomer and more than 50 cultural partners, Kunsthal Gent launched a call to take part in the first Summer Salon. Support an artist directly by buying a work. A group Kunsthal exhibition at Kunsthal, Ghent, BE.
Visit website.


03.2020 - 05.2020
Group Exhibition:

The Wilderness Hidden Underneath” extended until May 30. Visit hereGroup Exhibition w Eva Vermeiren – Karolien Chromiak – Naama Roth –  a.o., Pilar, Brussels, BE.


11.2019 -12.2019
Group Exhibition:

29 – 30 Nov & 01 Dec
The Road Is Clear
, a group exhibition made by a full female selection of 30 artists. An exhibition/happening about the urgency of diversity acknowledgement, with Grace Ndiritu, Margarita Maximova, Nadia Naveau, Natasja Mabesoone, Marijke De Roover , a.o., 
In De Ruimte, Ghent, BE


03.2019 - 10.2019
Group Exhibition:

March – Oct 2019 
Photobook BelgeGroup Exhibition 
FOMU, Antwerp, BE.


Group Exhibition:

July 2019
Biënnale van België III, Festival d’art contemporain BelgeGroup Exhibition
In collaboration with 019 Ghent & Lysandre Begijn,
Floraliënhal, Ghent, BE.


05.2019 - 06.2019
Group Exhibition:

ZWRT, Group show, w Tamara Van San, Sofie Middernacht & Maarten Alexander, Stef Van Looveren, Simon Van Parys, ao., 17 .05.2019 until 23.06.2019, BARBÉ URBAIN gallery, Ghent, BE.


Group Exhibition:
Kunstenfestival Loss, Group show w Ines claus, Lysandre Begijn, ao. 

May 10,11 & 12, Zottegem, BE.


Art Publishing Fair

Offprint Paris 2018, Art Publishing Fair, Nov 08—11 at Beaux-Arts Paris, FR.


Group Exhibition:

Neighbours Vol.8 — Artist Collections’  a groupshow curated by Manor Grunewald.  03.02.2019, until 20.04.19.
Invited artists : Israel Lund, Mark Flood, Josh Smith, Adrien Vescosi, Harmony Korine, Eric Croes, Benoit Platéus, Leo Gabin, Max Frintrop, at Ghent, BE.


Group Exhibition:
Group show, selected, Price For Printing & Graphic Arts, Fund Hilde Dements.

until March 10, Museum Van Deinze en de Leiestreek, BE.


Group Exhibition:

Transformation, a group exhibition, until 2 December with Ria Verhaeghe, Maria Kapajeva, Wim Maes at 44 Gallery, Bruges, BE.


Book Launch + Solo Exhibition:

exhibition and booklaunch, Nothing on the left.
24.10.2019 until 04.11.2019, 019, Museum Of Moving Practice, Ghent, BE. Order Nothing on the left here.


Publication + Book Launch NY Art Book Fair:

Nothing on the left, Artist Book published by Art Paper Editions, APE116, 21 x 29,7 cm, ills colour, no binding, edition of 400, design: Stien Bekaert & 6’56”, presentation at Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair, New York, September 2018. Order Nothing on the left here.



6 weeks Artist Residency at Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee, Belgium, Visit Website.


Solo Exhibition:

‘Touse/Toucher’ at RIOT in Ghent, Belgium, until 02.07.2017.



Risoprint ‘Brwn’ for sale at RIOT in Ghent, Belgium, 12/12 editions of 2 prints.


Group Exhibition:

‘E/A’ at Atelier Seyne in Ghent, Belgium, until 29.09.2017.


Group Exhibition:

‘In Front Of’ with Joëlle Dubois, Van Wessem G., & others at SABK Z in Zottegem, Belgium, until 01.12.2017.


Duo Exhibition:

Invited at ‘Art beat’ for Ghent Festival with Stefaan De Croock in Ghent, Belgium.


11.2015 - 01.2016
Group Exhibition:

Laureate at Red Cross Art Contest in TIO3 in Ronse, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

Invited to ‘De Vlag / De Lading / 10 Days / 10 Artists’ with Margarita Maximova, Miet Warlop, Muller Van Severen & others at Gouvernement in Ghent, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

‘Ondergronds’ at Zebrastraat in Ghent, BE.



‘Tumultingent’ TIG#3 Art Festival at Nucleo with Thomas Vandenberghe, Evelyn Vanoverbeke & others in Ghent, BE.



‘Fragile Found Footage Collages’ in The Word magazine, Read Interview.


Group Exhibtion:

Laureate ‘International Exlibris & kleingrafiek- Biennale’ at SteM in Sint-Niklaas, BE.


Duo Exhibition:

‘Dreamlands’ with Zaza Bertrand at Kerk in Ghent, BE.


Solo Exhibition:

‘As We Speak’ at Frederic Hooft Gallery in Ghent, BE.


Group Exhibition:

Selected for the ‘Price for Printing & Graphic Arts’ at Museum van Deinze en de Leiestreek in Deinze, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

Selected for the ‘Price for Printmaking’ at CC Zwanenberg in Heist-Op-Den-Berg, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

Selected & group show for the ‘Price for the Landscape Michel De Pypere’ in Kuurne, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

Selected for ‘Dubbelwerk’ at Zwart Wild in Ghent, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

Laureate & group show for the ‘32th Price for Printing & Graphic Arts’ in Harelbeke, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

‘Tumultingent’ TIG#2 Art Festival at Lindelei in Ghent, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

Selected for ‘Give & Take, The Black Tape Edition’ at TTTT Gallery in Gent, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

Invited to ‘Aimer, Penser, Creér’ at Ampersand House & Gallery in Brussels, Belgium.


Group Exhibition:

Laureate at ‘Collage Recyclage’ by Kunstwerk at Verbeke Foundations in Kemzeke, Belgium.


Group Exhibition & Auction:

Invited for ‘Cepia’, an Auction & Group Show with Manor Grunewald, Vaast Colson & others at Cocteau in Ghent, Belgium.