Stien Bekaert

As a multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels, Stien Bekaert explores concepts such as alienation, connectedness and identity. In her practice, throughout which digital media are omnipresent, she researches the use of found footage material and its new connotations through manipulation, distortion and isolation from its original context. The layering of techniques, carriers and formats in this research process creates a fascinating convergence of different backgrounds, a new visual language. Errors, misprints and unexpected results ensure the uniqueness of the final product by becoming techniques for creation.


Stien Bekaert uses photography as a tool to study a way of viewing, but her artistic outcome is not strictly photographic. With installations in space, she creates a counterbalance to still images. As an artist, she believes in spreading her work over more than one medium to obtain a literal and a figurative identity. This allows the viewers to write their own story within the existing framework.




(01) Nominated and Laureate at ‘Red Cross Art Contest’ by Kunstwerkt in Ronse, Belgium, 11.2015

(02) Nominated and Laureate at the 32th ‘Price for Printing & Graphic Arts’ in Harelbeke, Belgium, 03.2014

(03) Nominated and Laureate at ‘Collage Recyclage’ by Kunstwerk at Verbeke Foundations in Kemzeke, Belgium, 05.2013

(04) Nominated and Laureate at the 29th ‘Price for Printing & Graphic Arts’ in Harelbeke, Belgium, 03.2011

(05) Nominated and Laureate for the ‘Charles De Leu Price’ in Ghent, Belgium, 06.2010

(06) Honorable Mention by the ‘Mathilde Horlait-Dapsens Foundation’ in Brussels, Belgium, 06.2010