Based in Ghent Belgium, Stien Bekaert communicates as a visual artist throughout an assembly of mixed media. Her work owes as much to photography, and the practice of found imagery than it does to printmaking techniques. The choice for the collage technique, a mix of found footage with self-made images and photographs, makes her zoom into fragments, change and bring them within a new context. By editing the images digitally she gets rid of layering as in the classic collages. However the visual concept of decomposing an image takes his place back in her work, the aspect of layering. But the origin of the original image is completely lost in new significations. The combination of printmaking techniques ensures that manual and high tech processes are evenly matched. Stien Bekaert interacts with images by searching for the language in and behind photographs and the collages she makes. 


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(01) Nominated and Laureate at ‘Red Cross Art Contest’ by Kunstwerkt in Ronse, Belgium, 11.2015

(02) Nominated and Laureate at the 32th ‘Price for Printing & Graphic Arts’ in Harelbeke, Belgium, 03.2014

(03) Nominated and Laureate at ‘Collage Recyclage’ by Kunstwerk at Verbeke Foundations in Kemzeke, Belgium, 05.2013

(04) Nominated and Laureate at the 29th ‘Price for Printing & Graphic Arts’ in Harelbeke, Belgium, 03.2011

(05) Nominated and Laureate for the ‘Charles De Leu Price’ in Ghent, Belgium, 06.2010

(06) Honorable Mention by the ‘Mathilde Horlait-Dapsens Foundation’ in Brussels, Belgium, 06.2010